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Recent Events

During 2023, the band performed number of gigs, including, an ‘Evening with the songs of Ella Fitzgerald’ at Midlands Art Centre on 25th March.

The tickets were sold out all had a thoroughly good time.

The band also played at the "Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul" on 8th July.

The band was also on the bill of Windrush ’75 event which took place on date xxxxx at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The Notebenders were delighted to have been offered a second opportunity to be involved in an extension the Flourish Project, which commissions local well-known artists to engage with local community bands and through the development of workshops, to write a specific piece of music for the band to learn and then perform. In 2022, the collaboration with Soweto Kinch resulted in ‘Notebenders Fanfare’ and in 2023, David A Gray’s piece, ‘Shimmering Skies’, was written.  Both pieces have become permanent in the band’s repertoire and are featured regularly.


The band is looking forward to recording a CD later this year, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Notebenders.  This event will take place at Birmingham Town Hall on Saturday 22nd June 2024. Tickets are on sale at

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